Hiring A Professional Photographer For Your Wedding

Many people dream of having a beautiful wedding, one right out of their dreams. Once two individuals grow up, fall in love and realize they want to spend the rest of their lives together, they decide to get married. Getting engaged is usually the easy part of it all, next comes the wedding planning process. A lot of the time people do not really understand that they cannot handle a whole wedding planning by themselves and when they do realize it, they manage to hire a wedding planner. One thing that the wedding planner has to take care of it is the photography and he videography of the wedding. It is not something that you can put off until the very last minute because then you would not be able to find a professional. Whoever you are hiring must be professional enough to do the whole job without any inconvenience at all. It is easy to mess up the photography at the wedding if you hire someone inexperienced or without any knowledge, which is why you have to consider a lot of different things when you hire a good professional for all the photography.

Settle on one style

Before you hire a photographer, you must first communicate with your significant other and then decide on one theme or photography style. There are many wedding photographers out there that you can easily select from but once you are able to narrow the style down to just one, such as documentary/ film/ traditional or modern, it is easier to hire a professional who is expertise in that one style. This way you would not be risking anything at all. Link here http://www.nigelunsworth.com.au/wollongong/ offer a great photographer service that will gain a best results.

Talk to them

Once you are able to settle on a specific South Coast wedding photography style then you can locate a professional photographer who is an expert about it and continue on to setting up an interview with him or her. This way you and the photographer can talk everything out that concerns the wedding and it’s photography. If you are having a certain plan in mind it would be the best time to let the expert know so they can tell you what they think would work and what would not.

Go through past work

Another very good thing to keep in mind before you hire someone is to go through some of their past work. Ask for a few wedding albums they have already done so that you can flick through it and see what their work is actually like.

The Best Tablets Available

Tablets have been present for a few years. Even though they were available, they weren’t as popular because they were hard to use, bulky and had limited battery life. They were also very expensive and only a few could afford them. This changed after the release of the iPad. The iPad was developed by Apple Inc after the success of their iPhones and iPods. They were successful devices that people primarily used for entertainment and light productivity.

The popularity of the iPad made other smartphone manufacturers to compete with Apple. This led to the release of Android powered tablets that were manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Sony and many others. Today, even though tablets are not released regularly like phones, they are very popular and make up a large part of some manufacturers sales. Here’s a list of the best tablets available right now.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.9

The Apple iPad is the best-selling tablet range of all time. Since the original iPad, Apple has upgraded the tablet considerably. Initially the tablet was used for perfect smartphone comparison but now it compared with laptops. Each generation of the iPad was more powerful from the last and the current iPads, the iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.9 are sold alongside the less powerful iPad 9.7. The iPad Pro models are more of laptop replacements while the iPad 9.7 is an entertainment device. The iPad Pro is considered as one of the best tablets available right now. The apps and features available are rivaled by a few. It is a true power horse that is even more powerful than some Apple MacBook’s as well.

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are 2 in 1 detachable device that run 64-bit Windows. The device was available for purchase since 2013 and Microsoft has revised and improved the device since the original. This device is detachable so it can be used as a regular tablet and can be used as a laptop when attached to the keyboard. The other advantage is the fact that the device runs on Windows, therefore it can be used like any regular laptop. Unlike the iPad, the Surface Pro does not have a mobile broadband plans slot and has to rely on Wi-Fi connections.

Google Pixel C

The Google Pixel C is an Android tablet released by Google. This tablet runs on the Android eco system therefore has access to Android apps. It can be attached to a keyboard but like the iPad, it doesn’t have mouse support. It is a great entertainment device that is priced well. The Google Pixel C was created for the more budget concerned who cannot afford an iPad or Surface Pro tablet.

Can YouTube Really Be Your Job?

Over the years the online community has vastly taken over the traditional media and at the present moment YouTube is the highest used search engine surpassing Google. Day by day the number of You Tubers keeps on increasing regardless of the age and the country. There are many big sensational You Tubers such as Lilly Singh, Alex Wasabi, Logan Paul, Ryan Higa who have become world known You Tubers with millions of followers and billions of views. So the question has popped into several young and mature populations whether they could make YouTube a career or a job.The following article is a combination of the answers of several interviews by the popular You Tubers on their opinions and a definite must read if you are interested in a YouTube career.

The Beginning On To the Platform

Many of the You Tubers have discovered their passion before entering YouTube which can be video gaming, DIY projects, comedic acts, cooking, wedding photography etc. When the passion is clearly understood then the theme of the channel is well set. This step is crucial as you will be gaining followers who are having the same interest as you when the time passes. Visit this link http://www.pinkpalmphoto.com/puerto-vallarta-wedding-photographers/ to find out more reviews regarding wedding photography.

Money Making

YouTube has evolved from just another search engine to the most popular in the time passed and therefore, the quality of the content has to be much higher than a few years ago for you to trend among the people. However, according to the big YouTube sensation it does not generate money as soon as you start uploading videos. YouTube is also a business running to obtain profits therefore, when it identifies potential candidate in the making who will be great creators in the future it will start investing in you.


As mentioned previously it has become a very competitive platform and you simply cannot get away by uploading a low quality video. If you are serious about the platform and making a career out of it, the best thing to do would be to hire a videographer and a good editor. Make sure these people are well-versed in the area you are interested as photography too is an art where there are specializations. For example, if your theme is to portray your destination wedding photography skills, then make sure your videographer and editor are well-versed in that area.


Trends in the digital market changes every day and You Tubers are known to grab on to these trends and make videos about them before the trend becomes outdated which means that unlike any other job, you would not be having a 9-5 day where you will have to sometimes dedicate more than 18 hours a day for your YouTube career. Flexibility to these time changes can make you a successful You Tuber.YouTube as any other organization is driven by profits and therefore the amount of effort you put in to the platform can determine how much you earn from it and it will determine whether you will actually make a career out of YouTube or not. It is all about the amount of work that you are willing to put in that will determine how much you are getting paid.